The OrthoFuzIon™ Bone Screw System with our proprietary coating is one of the first antimicrobial medical devices specifically designed for orthopedics.  Our coating is a combination of platinum and silver which, when the coating interacts with the body, causes a “galvanic” reaction wherein silver wears away gradually, creating a localized “cloud” of silver ions that surrounds the implanted device and is designed to be a deterrent to bacterial colonization. 

There is a significant clinical need to prevent bacteria from contaminating medical devices. If the surgical site or the medical device is contaminated during implantation, postoperative complications could compromise the patient after surgery.  Consequently, antimicrobial medical devices can affect the needs to reduce postoperative morbidity and potential mortality, which could lead to a reduction of complications resulting in cost-savings across numerous specialties.

‘Bundled Payments for Care Improvement’ (BPCI) may be a dramatic driving force for adoption of  our technology. CMS’s BPCI initiative went into effect July 2016 and is potentially great news for Silver Bullet and Healthcare Providers. Traditionally, Medicare has made separate payments to providers for each of the individual services furnished to patients for a single illness or course of treatment that includes complications. This is changing. Now the Healthcare Provider is responsible for managing the costs associated with post-procedure complications. 

Our proprietary platform has the potential for a pipeline of products. Our initial application is the OrthoFuzIon™ Antimicrobial Bone Screw System. In addition, other products may include dental implants, defibrillators and pacemakers and others.

About the OrthoFuzIon™ Bone Screw System 

Medical Device Failures from Device-Related Contaminations are Rampant, Costly and Deadly. ​What If Implantable Devices Were Antimicrobial?

CE-Marked OrthoFuzIon™ Bone Screw System with a silver ionization coating is an antimicrobial orthopedic implant approved for sale in Europe.